Every couple would wish to have a baby and parenthood is bliss for everyone. But few couples may not be able to have a biological child due to infertility issues, either in male or female partner. The sperm count plays a major role in making a woman pregnant. A count between 40 to 300 million sperms per ml of semen is considered as a good sperm count. But if the sperm count is less than 15 million, it is considered a low sperm count.

Low sperm count is the most common problem that causes infertility. This condition is called Oligospermia. Though it can affect your chances of conceiving, several options are available to increase the chances of pregnancy.

What Causes Oligospermia?

It is very natural and common to see a reduction in the sperm count as you get older. But there can also be other factors that can lead to low sperm count such as the following:

  • Exposure to heat can lead to oxidate stress which can damage your sperm
  • Varicoceles are the enlarged veins in the scrotum. They reduce the production of testosterone and affect the sperm count
  • Sperm count also gets affected by the exposure to radiation and metals
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs
  • Problems in the immune system that can damage the sperm
  • Any infections to the male reproductive organs
  • Use of certain medications and stress
  • Being overweight
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV

How Does Oligospermia Affect Pregnancy?

Due to the low sperm count or oligospermia, most men may not be able to conceive and it can be challenging for couples to have a baby. These couples need to put extra effort than other couples to become pregnant. The causes of low sperm count such as low motility can also make a man infertile.

The sperm motility is used to measure the count of active sperm in a male’s sperm. The sperm of the men who have normal motility can easily swim towards the egg and can fertilize it. But in case of abnormal motility, the sperm cannot move faster to reach the egg for fertilization. As a result, the sperm keeps migrating and it may not be able to reach the egg and therefore fertilization cannot take place. Also, due to the low sperm count during ejaculation, the sperm cannot move to the female reproductive tract and fallopian tube and fertilization cannot take place.

Some men who have low sperm count with good sperm motility and morphology can still be able to impregnate their partner. But the fertilization can be difficult and can take time. More attempts might be required than fertile couples to become pregnant.

How is Oligospermia Diagnosed and Treated?

The doctor will ask about your medical history and will conduct a physical examination. The doctor also conducts other tests such as semen analysis, urinalysis, ultrasounds and other tests to look for genetic disorders and know your hormone levels.

The Treatment for Oligospermia is based on its cause. If the use of certain medications is contributing to low sperm count, then you need to stop using those medications. Other treatment options include:

  • Surgery: Surgery is performed if varicocele or vasectomy is the cause of low sperm count. The surgery focuses on closing the enlarged vein and the blood flow will be redirected to other veins.
  • Medications: Medications such as antibiotics can be used to prevent infection, and inflammation. This cannot increase the sperm count but prevents a further drop in the sperm count.
  • Lifestyle changes: Practising regular exercise, quitting drinking and smoking, eating healthy food, and reducing stress can help increase the sperm count.
  • Hormone treatment: The use of medications and injections to restore hormones to a normal level can enhance the sperm count.
  • Assisted reproductive methods: If the above solutions do not help you, you need to consult a fertility specialist. He or she will suggest assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF and IUI to have a baby. You should ensure to choose the best fertility center and discuss all the possible options with your doctor. Visiting a fertility specialist at the earliest can increase the chances of conception.

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