Oligospermia is a medical issue in men where men will have less number of sperm count in the semen. A healthy and fertile man will have sperm count ranging from 15 million to 200 million sperms in one milliliter of semen. If the sperm count is less than 15 million sperms, this condition is treated as Oligospermia.

Though this condition can be a reason for infertility, it may not completely reduce the chances of becoming parents. Every man with this condition will not be diagnosed. Only men who find difficulty conceiving and visit hospitals will be diagnosed.

Causes of Oligospermia

There are several causes of Oligospermia such as:

    • Varicocele: It is a condition where men will have enlarged veins in their scrotum that affects the blood flow to the testicles. As a result, the temperature of the testicles increases and this cause low-sperm count.
    • Sexually transmitted infections: Any sexually transmitted infections can also affect the sperm count in semen.
    • Problems with ejaculation: Ejaculation issues such as Retrograde ejaculation causes the semen to enter the bladder, but not leaves from the penis. Other factors that affect ejaculation include cancers, tumours, and injuries.
    • Use of medication: Use of any antibiotics and medicines used for blood pressure can also cause problems with ejaculation and leads to less sperm count.
    • Hormonal problems: There are several hormones produced by the brain and testicles that contribute to ejaculation and sperm count.
    • Exposure to metals and chemicals: When men get exposed to harmful chemicals, or heavy metals such as lead, can also affect the sperm count.
    • Consumption of alcohol and drugs: Men who consume drugs and drink excessive alcohol can also reduce the sperm count. Men who smoke will have less number of sperm count than men who do not smoke.
    • Excessive weight: Women who are obese or overweight may also face the problem of low sperm count. The weight is indirectly proportional to the count of the sperms in the body, and overweight men will have less sperm count.
    • Anti-sperm antibodies: The immune system cells in the body called anti-sperm antibodies kills the sperm cells by considering them as harmful attackers. This could lead to low sperm count.
    • Blocked tubes: When the tubes that carry sperms get blocked due to infections or surgeries can also affect the flow of semen

Signs of Oligospermia

All the men with this condition may not experience any symptoms. But, if this condition is caused by other problems such as hormonal imbalances, obstructions can show some symptoms. The symptoms include:

  • Pain, and swelling in testis
  • Men with this condition will experience problems with erection during sexual intercourse with the partner
  • Less growth of facial and body hair is also a sign of Oligospermia
  • Discharge of semen will be thick
  • Burning sensation while urinating. This can be caused by the transmission of virus
  • Changes in scrotum veins such as swollen or enlarged veins

If you have any of the above signs, it is suggested to visit a doctor so that it will have an effect on conceiving a child.

How to Diagnose Oligospermia?

When you visit a doctor with the above mentioned symptoms, the doctor will review your medical history, and will conduct a physical examination. The doctor will also performs semen analysis. If the doctor identifies that the sperm count is low, you must consider it as a serious condition and should undergo a medical evaluation. You might need to visit the doctor regularly to reduce the chances of trouble with conceiving.

How to Treat Oligospermia?

The Oligospermia condition should be treated to reduce its effect on infertility. There are various treatment options for this condition. The treatments include the following:

  • Changes in lifestyle

Lifestyle changes losing weight, reducing the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and avoiding smoking can improve the quality of semen. It is also essential to make the following changes in their lifestyle such as:

    • Avoid hot baths
    • Try to reduce stress levels
    • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid use of excessive medications
  • Medications

Based on the cause of the problem such as hormonal imbalance, infection, etc., your doctor would suggest medications. The medications can help to prevent further reduction of sperm count.

  • Surgeries

If the cause of Oligospermia is varicocele, your doctor would suggest to undergo a surgery. During the surgery, the enlarged vein will be closed, and the blood flow will be redirected to another vein.

  • Assistance for reproduction

If the above treatment methods did not work and you are unable to conceive, you and your partner need to undergo fertility treatment.

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