Infertility is the inability of a person to conceive even after 12 months of regular intercourse without any use of contraception. Both men and women can have infertility problems due to various conditions. Hence, both partners should be evaluated at the right time. Any delay in the evaluation and treatment could reduce the chances of pregnancy.

IVF (Invitro fertilization) is the most popular treatment option for infertility. There is a tremendous success rate with IVF.

Who Can Undergo IVF Treatment?

Deciding for IVF is based on the situation of the couple and the required outcomes. It is important to consult an infertility specialist to help you decide if IVF is the right option for you.  However, IVF is effective for the candidates with the following conditions:

Block or damaged fallopian tubes: The fallopian tube helps for the fertilisation of eggs. When the fallopian tube is damaged or blocked due to infection or surgery, IVF is the right choice. Though fallopian tubes can be corrected with surgery, the success rate for pregnancy is low.

Endometriosis: It is a condition where the uterine lining grows outside the uterus. This can affect the quality of eggs, and tubal function. Surgeries and medication can be helpful for some people. But, IVF is considered as the right choice in the case of Endometriosis.

Male infertility: IVF is considered when the male partner has low or no sperm count and with low motility.


Infertility without any known cause: There are various cases where infertility is caused by the age factor without any identifiable cause. Unexplained infertility is common among people who are older than 35 years. This type of infertility can be treated well with IVF.


Poor quality eggs: Individuals who are experiencing infertility due to less number of eggs or poor quality of eggs can go for an egg donor. Obtaining eggs from a donor can be achieved through IVF.

Abortions: Women who have recurrent abortions can go for IVF treatment as IVF has a huge success rate.

Anovulation: It is a condition where the woman’s ovaries fail to produce eggs for fertilization during menstruation. This condition is common among women who are above the age of 38. Even younger women might also get affected by it. The immediate solution is the use of fertility drugs. If the fertility drugs fail, women can go with IVF treatment.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): PCOS is a medical condition where fluid filled sacs grow inside the ovaries of a woman. It is a hormonal disorder and affects women during reproductive age. Women who have PCOS can also choose IVF treatment.

Egg/ sperm /embryo adoption:  Couples also opt for IVF treatment when they consider egg or sperm or embryo adoption.

Gestational carrier: Couples who choose to use a gestational carrier due to inability to carry pregnancy or absence of uterus. In this case, IVF is the procedure used to create an embryo and transfer it to a surrogate or gestational carrier.

Other conditions: There are several other conditions where IVF treatment would be suitable. The conditions include physical abnormalities in females, chronic illness, genetic disorder and surrogacy.

To evaluate if you are a good candidate for IVF, talk to a team of fertility experts and discuss your queries.

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