The food that we intake not only promotes physical and mental health, it also plays a major role in terms of infertility. When you are planning for a child, you should maintain well-balanced meals at regular intervals. The food you consume should be rich in vitamin C and D, zinc, and folic acid that helps to promote fertility. At the same time, you should also avoid eating processed food, soda etc.

If infertility in men or women is caused due to some serious underlying conditions, following a healthy diet may not add any value to promote fertility. You need to visit a gynaecologist to know the remediation for it.

Food that Boosts Fertility and Helps Get Pregnant Faster

  • Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds which are roasted are rich in Vitamin E and it helps to promote sperm count. It also contains selenium and folate that are important for fertility in both males and females. Consume sunflower seeds by sprinkling them on salad or by using sunflower seeds butter in place of peanut butter.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts are also helpful for promoting sperm motility and morphology. They contain omega 3 fatty acids that can increase sperm vitality. You can eat walnuts directly or you can add them to your salads or desserts. In a day, you can consume up to 75 gms of walnuts.
  • Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits such as oranges, and grapes are rich in Vitamin C. They also contain polyamine putrescine that is known for enhancing egg and sperm health. You can have orange slices directly, or in the form of juice, or you can add to your smoothies. You can add grapes to your salad or can consume it directly. Grapes when combined with some medication can cause serious problems. So, check with your doctor if grape juice is right for you.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain a substance called red carotenoid hydrocarbon that helps to promote sperm health and also male fertility. The amount of this chemical compound is found to be more in cooked tomatoes than in raw tomatoes. Tomatoes are also antioxidants that can prevent sperm from damage caused by free radicals and also promote sperm motility.
  • Lentils: Lentils are highly suitable for men who prefer vegetarian diets to promote fertility as they contain folic acid. Low amounts of folic acid cannot support the body to produce healthy sperm. The sperm quantity gets affected and the chances of chromosomal abnormalities in produced sperms is also high.
  • Pomegranates: Pomegranates help in different ways for promoting sperm health. They contain antioxidants which can increase the levels of testosterone and hence boost the desire to have sexual intercourse. They also contribute to promoting the quality of produced sperms.
  • Pastured dairy: Pastured dairy products are the best choice for improving fertility and for increasing the chances of pregnancy. Dairy products. They contain various fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E,K, and K2. It is also rich in saturated fat that can boost fertility. Research has shown that women who consume full-fat dairy products have less chances of ovulation problems than women who have low-fat dairy products.
  • Dark Chocolates: Dark chocolates can promote sperm motility and sperm quantity. It also boosts libido. The more darker the chocolate, the more healthier the sperm will be. There are many dark chocolates available in the market and you can choose the one you like.
  • Garlic: Garlic contains selenium that can prevent sperm from damage and can also improve sperm motility. It also contains allicin that can improve blood circulation to the sexual organs. Eat two or three garlic cloves every day if you are planning for pregnancy.
  • Asparagus: Asparagus has very good nutrients in it. It contains low calories, makes the stomach full easily, and has nutrients that can boost fertility. You can have it as a salad or cook as a recipe.
  • Water: Along with eating healthy food, it is equally important to drink plenty of water every day. It is an important element for producing semen and water keeps the body hydrated. Drinking less quantity of water can affect the production of sperm as the semen mostly contains water.

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