In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the most effective Assisted Reproductive System process. Though it is effective, it does not guarantee any successful results. Each infertility case is different and there are several factors that affect the success of IVF procedure.

Factors that Affect the Success and Failure of IVF

The success and failure of an IVF cycle is based on the following factors:

Age: It is the main factor that affects the success of an IVF cycle. Women who are between the age of 24 to 34 years have the highest chances of successful IVF treatment. The success rate decreases gradually after 40 years. Though the success rate reduces with age, you should still look for IVF options as the treatment is based on your medical history and health.

Previous pregnancy: If a couple has the previous history of multiple miscarriages, it becomes difficult for the success of IVF. 

Fertility issues: Fertility issues in women such as uterine abnormalities, fibroid tumors, ovarian dysfunction, blocked fallopian tubes can also affect the success of the IVF cycle. However, IVF can overcome several fertility issues.

Lifestyle habits: If you or your partner smokes a lot, your chances of conceiving are less. If you are planning for pregnancy, you should quit smoking. Being overweight or underweight can also reduce the chances of a successful IVF. Hence, it is important to follow a proper lifestyle so that they do not affect your IVF success.

The quality of egg and embryo: The success of an IVF cycle is based on the quality of the egg and embryo that are based on age, ovarian reserve, and the quality of the sperm.

Quality of sperm: The quality of the sperm also affects the success of IVF. It is also based on factors such as age. Fertility issues in men affect the embryo.

Donor eggs: If the quality of eggs got affected due to factors such as age etc. Donor eggs can be used which can increase the chances of IVF success.

Embryo transfer: Embryo transfer is the main phase of the entire IVF treatment procedure. Along with a healthy embryo and successful uterus implantation, embryo transfer should also be performed carefully. If there are any issues with timing, it can be dangerous for the embryo transfer process.

Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (COH) Protocol: It describes the type of fertility medications along with how they are administered, and the schedule when they are given. The main goal is to develop many mature oocytes so that at least one egg can cause pregnancy. IVF also has COL protocol. Your doctor will closely work with you to determine the right protocol suitable for your condition.

Uterine receptivity: Uterine receptivity is equally important as embryo quality. It plays a crucial role to have a healthy pregnancy. Factors such as uterus lining thickness, uterine cavity’s contour affects the uterine receptivity.

If you are facing difficulty with pregnancy, and is looking for IVF treatment, you should visit a fertility doctor. You should discuss the above factors and the measures you are taking to improve the success rate of IVF treatment.

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