Well, Assisted Reproductive Techniques(ART) has become a boon to the couples who are not able to conceive naturally. In-Vitro Fertilization – IVF, popularly known as “Test tube baby” process is one of the ART techniques providing promising results to fulfil your dream of having a baby.

Want to know everything about IVF, then let’s find out how the process works and how to approach this miraculous technique.

What is IVF?

When a couple is not able to conceive naturally then fertilization is facilitated artificially i.e outside the mother’s womb which is called as In vitro fertilisation(IVF). The procedure involves stimulating a woman’s ovulation process to extract the ovum from the ovaries and then fertilised with sperm in the laboratory. Eggs will be fertilised and monitored for a couple of days under the ideal environment with natural conditions.

After fertilization, the embryo(s) are placed inside the womb. Once the embryo attached to the uterine wall then the pregnancy follows natural procedure.

How Is IVF Procedure Performed?

IVF procedure is very important from choosing a doctor until the embryo is transferred into the womb and delivery of a baby.


Consultation is one of the most important factors if you choose to go for the IVF procedure. Experience of a doctor and excellent lab facilities are important things in this procedure. More the experience more promising results can be delivered.

At Angels Fertility clinic we have the best doctors in Hyderabad and we are well equipped with all advanced technologies to which can deliver optimum results. we also maintain a high level of privacy of our clients to make sure that you are comfortable with us.

In the consultation, we will consider all the pros and cons of your health condition. Based on the results of the test conducted on both the partners, if IVF is the best choice for you we will proceed further with your acceptance.


Naturally, only one egg will be released from your ovaries every month; but harvesting a single egg every month is not effective in the IVF Treatment. So, in this IVF procedure, first, we will provide some medicines to stimulate your ovaries to release more eggs.

We will also suggest some lifestyle changes along with some supplementary medicines to maintain your hormonal levels and fill up nutritional deficiencies.

Harvesting(Collecting) Eggs

After giving the medication, around 36 hours later the will get matured enough to collect.

After giving local anaesthesia, a medical microneedle is sent through your vagina into the ovaries to retrieve eggs & other surrounding elements. The sample is sent to an embryologist for the report of healthy eggs available. A count of 6 or more eggs is considered good and the eggs will be stored in an incubator.

Sperm Collection

It is recommended to provide your sperm sample at a reserved chamber in our clinic. Because it is very important that the semen should be collected in a sterile container to keep warm and is handed to our expert within an hour of retrieval.

The semen sample will be tested for the count and quality of the sperm. If the given sample has unhealthy sperm, a microneedle will be used to extract semen from male non-surgically.


The retrieved sperm and the eggs are fertilised in a petri dish in the lab. In some complicated cases, a chosen sperm is injected directly into an egg to increase the chances of fertilisation through a process known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The fertilised eggs are observed up to a week to monitor their survival and development.

Transfer Of Embryos

After having developed a few embryos, they will be transferred into your uterus through special catheters (a small tube). To enhance the chance of pregnancy, we suggest placing 2 to 3 embryos based on the availability.

If anyone of these embryos attaches to your uterus lining, that means You Are PREGNANT! After 2 weeks, you can take a confirmation test of the pregnancy.

The average success rates of IVF ranges from 40% to 45% for women under the age of 35 and up to 15% for women over 42 years. Of course, when compared to other ART procedures it is a little expensive but the results might be accurate. Depending on the chances of conceiving with procedure IVF in the first attempt, it might be a cost-effective method.