Several couples are struggling to become parents these days. But with the advancement in technology, the road to becoming parents has not ended. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is one of the widely known assisted-reproductive techniques that can greatly help couples who cannot become parents in a natural way.

The IUI procedure involves inserting sperm directly into the uterus using the artificial insemination method. This allows a greater number of sperms to reach the fallopian tube and thereby increases the chances of conception. But you should ensure to take proper care after the IUI procedure to improve the chances of conception.

Some Essential Dos after IUI Treatment

If you have undergone an IUI procedure, the following things can help you improve the success rate of the procedure:

  • Rest: After the IUI procedure, you should rest for about 20 minutes. You do not need any further bed rest and you can continue your daily activities if you do not have any discomfort.
  • Eat healthy food: Having a healthy diet plays a vital role to promote fertility. You should ensure to get enough nutrients required for fertilization. You can eat fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, oats, and healthy fats. You should also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Use medications as prescribed: You should use the prescribed medications as instructed to increase your chances of conception.
  • Exercises: After IUI, you can follow physical activities such as walking, biking, yoga, etc. This helps to improve the blood supply to the uterus and other reproductive organs.
  • Have sexual intercourse: It is advised to have sexual intercourse after 48 hours of insemination. Though sperms are injected into the uterus through IUI, having sex can further push the sperms towards the fallopian tube and egg.
  • Get proper sleep: It is important to get enough sleep after IUI treatment. You should ensure to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. This can help reduce stress and improves your health.
  • Stay positive: You should maintain a positive attitude before and after the IUI procedure. The release of hormones after an IUI is based on your mental health. Hence, it is important to maintain a positive attitude after the IUI.
  • Visit your doctor: You should visit your doctor to know about the chances of pregnancy. The doctor will measure the hormone levels. If required, she will provide hormonal support to increase your chances of pregnancy.

Some Essential Don’ts after IUI Treatment

The following are some of the things to avoid after an IUI treatment:

    • Do not use pain relievers: You might have pain and cramps after the IUI procedure. But you should avoid taking any pain medications unless your doctor approves. This is because the use of over-the-counter medications can affect your fertility.
    • Avoid drinking and smoking: You should avoid drinking and smoking after an IUI as it can reduce your chances of pregnancy. It can even lead to the damage of sperm, and egg, and even cause a miscarriage.
    • Reduce caffeine: Reduce the intake of tea and coffee after an IUI treatment. This is because they contain more amount of caffeine which can lead to the narrowing of blood vessels.
    • Avoid exposure to radiation: Exposure to harmful radiation and radiation therapy after an IUI can affect your chances of pregnancy. You should also avoid exposure to sunlight for a longer period.
    • Avoid pressure on the lower abdomen: Activities such as bending, leaning, etc. can exert pressure on your lower abdomen. Hence, you should avoid those activities to reduce pregnancy complications.
    • Avoid stress: Stress can cause an imbalance of certain hormones that help with fertility. Hence, reduce your stress levels after an IUI.
    • Avoid junk food: You should avoid taking processed and junk foods after IUI. You should also avoid low-fat dairy products, raw animal products, unpasteurized cheese, and sugary soda.
    • Avoid lifting heavy objects: Avoid lifting heavy objects after IUI as it can lead to cramps and can even damage the uterus lining.
    • Avoid long trips: You should avoid travelling in a row for more than 3 hours as it can cause stress.
    • Avoid swimming: Though there is no evidence that swimming has an impact on the success of IUI, it is recommended to avoid swimming for about 48 hours after IUI. This is because pool water can cause infections.


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