IVF is the most common assisted consumption method used by infertile women. IVF process involves taking eggs from the ovaries and mixing it with the sperm in a laboratory. Then the fertilized egg will be inserted into the woman’s uterus. Many women doubt that whether they could have a normal delivery or need a C section with IVF pregnancy. However, IVF pregnancy is similar to normal pregnancy and delivering a baby normally will not get affected by the way you have conceived.

To get a clear picture, let’s briefly understand about normal pregnancy and IVF pregnancy.

Normal Pregnancy and IVF Pregnancy

Normal pregnancy is the one where a couple participate in sexual intercourse and the man ejaculates semen into the vagina. With this, the sperm can easily reach ovaries and fertilize an egg called embryo. The embryo will be moved to the uterus and will get attached to the uterus lining.

Couples who have tried for natural pregnancy several times and have failed every time will go for an IVF process. An IVF process mainly includes 6 steps such as:

  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Retrieving egg and sperm
  • Fertilization of egg with sperm
  • Incubation where the embryo will be monitored for 5 days
  • Implanting embryo into the uterus
  • Test for pregnancy

IVF is one of the best fertility treatments as it offers the highest success rate than any other fertility procedures.

The main difference between normal pregnancy and IVF pregnancy is awareness. Women who have conceived naturally may not be aware of pregnancy till 1st or 2nd month of their pregnancy. On the other hand, women who had IVF know about their pregnancy once the embryo gets transferred to the uterus.

Women who conceived naturally will take vitamins and required supplements after knowing about the pregnancy. However, IVF women will take progesterone injections and other supplements even before their pregnancy gets confirmed.

Do I Need C-Section if I have Conceived Through IVF?

Women who got pregnant with IVF can also deliver a baby normally without a C-section. The reason is, an IVF pregnancy is no different from normal pregnancy and both can be the same. But it is important to choose an experienced doctor with a high success rate irrespective of how you have conceived. 

However, the doctor recommends women with IVF pregnancy to have a C-section in the following cases:

  • Prolonged labour: Prolonged labour occurs when a pregnant woman is in labour for more than 20 hours. Prolonged labour is the main reason for 1/3rd c-sections. If women have prolonged labour either in IVF or normal pregnancy, C-section is recommended to avoid complicated issues.
  • Abnormal position of baby: For a woman to have a successful vaginal birth, babies should be in headfirst position around the birth canal of the woman. If the baby flip and position butt or feet at the birth canal, C-section is recommended to have a safe delivery.
  • Not getting enough oxygen: If the baby in the womb is not able to get enough oxygen, a caesarean will be performed.
  • Birth defects: If the baby to be born is suspected to have any birth defects, C-section will be the first option for safe delivery.
  • Repeated C-sections: Women who had C-sections in the past can have a baby normally either with IVF or normal pregnancy. You should inform your doctor in advance about this and she will decide if a c-section or normal delivery is right for you.
  • Health conditions: If a pregnant woman have been diagnosed for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems, C-section is highly recommended to ensure safe delivery. Women with HIV or other serious complications should also prefer a c-section.

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