Infertility is a complex issue for women and it affects many couples who are trying to be parents. The couples might undergo pressure from family and society. With the advancement in technology, there are several treatment options to conceive. Among the several treatments, IVF (In-vitro fertilization) is an efficient treatment option that can treat different infertility problems based on the age and health conditions. 

Successful IVF cycles have made the dreams of many couples come true. But, an unsuccessful IVF can affect a couple drastically. In regards to this, many couples have a question of how many cycles they would need to conceive. The fact is that there is no fixed number for IVF as it is an individual treatment method and is based on various factors.

What Factors Can Affect Successful IVF Cycles?

The following factors affect the success of an IVF:

  • Age: Along with the age of a woman, the age of eggs also has a great part in IVF. As a woman becomes older, both the quality and quantity of the eggs get deteriorated. This has a great impact on the success of pregnancy.
  • Embryo quality: Embryo quality is one of the most common reasons for an IVF cycle failure. When the embryos are defective, they are unable to implant after transfer to the uterus. Though embryos look healthy in the lab, the embryo defects cause them to die instead of growing.
  • Response from ovaries: In a few cases, a woman’s ovaries may not respond to IVF as they fail to produce eggs. Producing enough eggs would be difficult for women with high follicle-stimulating hormone levels. If you are over 37, the chances of producing enough eggs are also low. Discuss with your doctor to evaluate the chances of pregnancy.
  • Chromosomes: IVF would fail if the embryos have chromosomal abnormalities no matter where they have produced. Most of the miscarriages and implantation failures during IVF are due to chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormalities in eggs are seen in women over 30 and reduces the chances of pregnancy.
  • Lifestyle: Doctors would suggest stopping smoking three months before undergoing an IVF treatment. Women who smoke will need twice the number of IVF cycles to conceive and may experience a miscarriage. Women who are underweight or overweight should try to maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight can help to increase the chances of an IVF treatment.
  • IVF centre: To achieve the best results, every couple needs an experienced doctor, an advanced lab for producing embryos, and an embryologist.
  • Medical problems: Medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis, smoking, drinking can affect the IVF results. All the medical conditions should be controlled before undergoing IVF treatment.

Among all the above factors, age is the main factor. Women who are under the age of 35 have higher IVF success rate than with higher age groups.

Proper diagnosis of the cause of infertility with proper guidance from the doctors can reduce the number of IVF cycles for pregnancy. The best way to benefit from IVF is by choosing the IVF treatment at the right time and age. To reduce the factors affecting IVF success, every individual should take care of their health and should keep all medical conditions under control. Talk to an experienced and best fertility expert for your pregnancy related queries.

Technologies That Can Contribute to the Success of IVF Cycles

The following new technologies can contribute to the success of IVF cycles irrespective of the age groups:

  • Blastocyst: It is also called a 5 day embryo transfer. When the embryo is transferred on the 2nd or 3rd day, the success rate is less, which can be around 30 to 35% of the success rate. When the embryo transfer is performed on the 5th day, the chances for the success of IVF are doubled as the embryos can be selected properly.
  • Assisted hatching techniques: Embryo shell can be made thin by using assisted hatching techniques. Using this hatching technique can lead to higher implantation rates.
  • ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection): In case of men with severe abnormalities, ICSI can be used for the proper selection of sperms and fertilization.
  • Immunotherapy: It is a method used for making the immune system fight against cancer. This method is highly beneficial for women with immunological abnormalities.
  • PGT (Preimplantation genetic scanning): PGT is a testing method used for testing the embryos for any abnormalities before implanting them. It is highly useful in case of elderly women for selecting euploid embryos.

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