AN IUI is an artificial insemination process where sperms are inserted into the women’s womb to facilitate pregnancy. With the enhancement in technology, the medical field has also developed and new processes have been discovered to help infertile couples to have their own child. 

IUI is one of the best solutions for helping infertile couples to give birth to a child. IUI can be performed either by using a donor’s sperm or by using your partner’s sperm. 

Before undergoing the IUI treatment, a medical evaluation will be conducted for both males and females. For females, various hormone levels are checked such as AMH, FSH which provide information about ovarian health and egg supply.

Steps Involved in IUI Process

To achieve success in an IUI process, it is important to understand each and every step of the IUI treatment. The following steps are involved in the IUI process:

Preconception counseling: This is the first step involved in the IUI treatment. This involves taking medical advice from your IUI specialist. Your doctor advises you to take care of your medical health by following a proper diet, taking vitamins, avoiding drinking and smoking etc. Your doctor may also conduct other medical tests to determine the root cause of the problem. Determining the cause helps your doctor to know if the IUI treatment will work for you.

Ensure to produce eggs: Most women try to do this naturally or for insemination of sperm for IUI while ovulating. If women have undergone unsuccessful IUI treatments or have problems with ovulation, the doctor will prescribe oral drugs to stimulate ovulation.

Track your monthly cycle: There are various ovulation cycle tracking kits available in the market to track the ovulation cycle effectively. When you notice that you are ovulating, you need to go to the fertility center within 24 to 36 hours.

Harvesting the sperm: For IUI treatment, either harvested sperms or fresh sperms can be used. To use fresh sperm, your partner needs to masturbate into a cup. If you want to use frozen or donated sperm, the clinic will freeze the sperm. After defrosting, the sperm will be washed to clean impurities and to include more parts of the sample. This increases the chances of fertilization easily and efficiently.

Sperm insertion into the uterus: The core steps of IUI start here. To insert sperm, your doctor inserts a long tube called a catheter into the uterus through the vagina from the cervix area. The tube now releases the sperm into the uterus to move towards the eggs.

Pregnancy test: After two weeks of insemination of sperm, you can take a pregnancy test to know if the process was successful. If it is not successful, you can again try the procedure.

Who Needs IUI?

The following are the good candidates for IUI process:

  • Women who have ovulation problems such as PCOD, hypothalamic patients
  • Women who have unexplained fertility problems
  • Men who have ejaculatory dysfunction or with semen abnormalities
  • Women who need donor sperm

Are There Any Chances of Twins or Triplets with IUI?

If you are using ovary-stimulating medications before the IUI procedure, there are chances of twins or triplets. These medications mature as many follicles as possible. When the time comes for ovulation, your body may release more eggs and women may give birth to twins or triplets.

Does a Woman Need Multiple IUI Cycles to Become Pregnant?

If you do not become pregnant after the first cycle of IUI, you may need to undergo an IUI procedure. If there are multiple failures, you need to figure out the reason for it and choose other fertility treatments.

Most couples succeed with IUI treatment within 3 attempts. If the pregnancy is not successful in 3 cycles of the IUI cycle, there may not be any chances of pregnancy and it is better to undergo other treatment methods.

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