In healthy humans, insulin hormone is released by the pancreas. Blood sugar is regulated by this hormone and if the sugar levels are not controlled well, it causes diabetes. When diabetes is left untreated, it can have an impact on fertility. Diabetes can affect hormone levels, the quality of sperm or embryo which in turn affects pregnancy.

Diabetes and Female Fertility

Though diabetes does not cause complete infertility, it can affect the chances of fertility. The glucose levels in the body become uncontrolled with diabetes and it makes it difficult for the implantation of fertile eggs in the uterus. Women who are suffering from both obesity and diabetes face even more difficulty to become pregnant.

Though women with diabetes can conceive, they experience frequent miscarriages even before knowing that they were pregnant. 

Diabetes in women can cause:

  • Genitourinary infections: Women who have diabetes have chances of infection which can damage reproductive organs mainly fallopian tubes.
  • Complications during pregnancy: As mentioned earlier, high glucose levels in the body can cause miscarriages or congenital miscarriages.
  • Decreased libido: Women with diabetes experience depression, anxiety and it also reduces the desire for sexual intercourse.

Diabetes and Male Fertility

Men with diabetes suffer from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation. These issues can cause men to show less interest in sexual intercourse and hence obstructs childbirth. Along with this, men with diabetes have poor sperm quality when compared to a healthy man’s sperm. It also observed that men with diabetes face DNA damage within the sperm. All these together can affect fertility in men.

Type 1 Diabetes and its Affect on Fertility

Type 1 diabetes in women can lead to longer menstrual cycle lengths, longer menstruation that can last for more than 6 days, and heavy menstruation. There are various risks that can affect women’s fertility. Diabetic women also experience irregular periods that cause intracellular starvation. This can further lead to lower levels of LH and prolactin that are important for reproduction.

In Type 1 diabetes, the cells that produce insulin in the body are attacked and it becomes difficult to regulate blood sugar. To supply insulin to the body, external doses need to be taken on a daily basis. This is harmful to fertility in men and it affects their partner in conceiving.

Type 2 Diabetes and its Affect on Fertility

In general, type 2 diabetes is seen in postmenopausal women. But with modern lifestyle

Lifestyle and diet, Type 2 is also seen in women during reproductive years. Women with this type of diabetes have more chances of PCOS which further complicates reproductive health. Following a healthy diet and physical activities can help to overcome this.

Type 2 diabetes in men affects the concentration of sperm in semen. It also causes structural damage to sperm and DNA. It can be controlled by following a healthy diet and by exercising regularly.

How Diabetes and Infertility can be Treated Together?

To treat infertility along with diabetes in both men and women, blood sugars and reproductive hormones need to be controlled. Your doctor reviews the medical history and family’s medical history of both the partners to treat and diagnose it.

It can be treated with proper medications and advanced reproductive technologies such as IVF and microTESE.

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