PCOS is a complicated hormonal problem in women and many women suffer from this condition every year. Every woman will always wish to have a baby. But women who have PCOS may find it difficult to become pregnant. PCOS leads to the excess production of androgen, and estrogen and reduced production of follicle stimulating hormones (FSH). As a result, cysts will form on the ovaries and the woman will have irregular periods. 

Woman with PCOS needs more time to conceive due to irregular periods. The need for fertility treatments to become pregnant is also high for women with PCOS.

What Steps Can I Take to Become Pregnant With PCOS?

If you have PCOS and planning for pregnancy, it can be stressful and time taking as well. However, you can become pregnant by following certain measures. PCOS is caused by hormonal imbalances and women experience irregular and painful periods, hair fall, weight gain, etc. If it is left untreated, it can cause infertility problems and you may need medical help to become pregnant.

But the signs of PCOS can be managed through simple lifestyle changes and can help you conceive naturally with PCOS. The following are some of the tips to increase your chances of conception:

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Most of the women who have PCOS are overweight and losing weight also becomes difficult. But losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can help to get back your regular menstrual cycle. Practise regular exercise and follow a healthy diet. Practise walking every day and lift light weights. You can use a standing desk instead of a chair while working. All these can help reduce PCOS signs and thereby improves your health.
  • Eat healthy food: If you are planning for pregnancy, you should eat healthy food. You should get enough amounts of nutrients. You also need certain vitamins and minerals to have a healthy pregnancy. Check with your doctor about the best food required for your body.
  • Keep track of your blood sugar levels: If you are unable to become pregnant, the doctor checks your blood sugar levels. Women who have PCOS are at a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. If your blood sugar levels are high, becoming pregnant can be difficult. Hence you should keep check on your blood sugar levels regularly if you are planning for pregnancy. You should try to balance your blood sugar levels through a healthy diet. 
  • Keep a track of your ovulation: As mentioned earlier, PCOS can cause irregular periods and the length of your menstrual cycle gets affected. As a result, you should keep track of your ovulation period. You can use an ovulation tracking app to know the exact time of your ovulation.
  • Manage stress: PCOS can lead to infertility and this can be stressful. But stress can worsen the signs of PCOS and hence you should take care of your mental health as well. Practise meditation every day to reduce stress and stay positive in every situation.Medications: Lifestyle changes alone cannot improve your condition. If you have PCOS, you have higher amounts of testosterone and estrogen. This can make it difficult to conceive. Your doctor may recommend medications to balance your hormone levels. Many women find improvement with medications and can regulate the menstrual cycle. Different medications may be prescribed for balancing insulin levels, estrogen, and testosterone levels, and to promote the release of the egg.

Fertility Treatment for PCOS

If medications and lifestyle changes do not help you, then the doctor may recommend fertility treatments such as IVF. The IVF process involves collecting eggs from the ovaries and are then combined with sperm in a lab for fertilization. Once fertilization takes place, the embryo will be transferred to the woman’s uterus to promote pregnancy.

IVF is a safe treatment and it needs an expert to conduct the procedure. Research has shown that IVF can increase the chances of pregnancy in women with PCOS. But before performing IVF, you need to take several medications to balance the hormones and to prepare your body for pregnancy.

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