Many pregnant women can continue their work without any worries. However, it can be challenging to stay healthy and to be productive at the work. Taking proper measures and care can help handle your work and at the same time protects your child. But some women can have high risk pregnancies and they need to be very cautious. High risk pregnancy is a complicated pregnancy where the baby and mother can have complications during, or after the childbirth.

Factors That Can Contribute to High-Risk Pregnancy

Certain health conditions that exist even before pregnancy can contribute to the high-risk pregnancy. However, a few medical conditions that develop during pregnancy can also complicate the pregnancy. 

Along with this, the following women have greater chances of high-risk pregnancy:

  • Women who conceive at the age of 35 or above
  • Women who drink, smoke, and use drugs
  • Women who have more than one fetus
  • History of premature pregnancy or women who have premature related hypertension disorders
  • Health problems during pregnancy such as high BP, thyroid, poorly controlled asthma, etc.
  • Cancer
  • Blood disorders

Even if you have the factors that cause high-risk pregnancy, it does not mean that you cannot deliver a baby healthy. By following precautions and instructions given by your doctor, you can stay healthy until your delivery date.

What Can I Do If I Have High-Risk Pregnancy?

Though some of the factors cannot be controlled by you, there are certain things you can take care of and can avoid certain things to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

The following are the do’s during a high-risk pregnancy:

  • Have a well-balanced diet: Follow a balanced diet that contains the required vitamins and nutrients. The vitamins can help prevent birth defects and ensure the development of the fetus. You can also use multivitamin tablets and have food that has omega-3 fatty acids for the development of the child’s brain.
  • Get proper rest: During pregnancy, proper sleep can be difficult due to changes in hormones and anxiety. But it is very important to have proper rest during pregnancy. When you are tired, take a quick nap and ensure to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.
  • Practise exercise: Doctors suggest following regular simple exercise even during pregnancy as it is beneficial to both the child and mother. You should also ensure to maintain fitness even before conceiving.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Gaining too much of weight during pregnancy is not healthy for your baby. You should plan about your food in advance in terms of what you should eat and how much you should eat. You can discuss with your doctor about the diet plan.
  • Practise yoga: Prenatal is helpful during pregnancy. The yoga trainer is aware of the postures which are suitable and which are not during pregnancy. But before you begin yoga, you should discuss with your doctor about the risks and concerns.
  • Have regular check-ups: Always have regular check-ups with your doctor to ensure the doctor can monitor your condition regularly.
  • Eat seafood: Seafood contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are essential for you and your baby. But you should ensure that the seafood is cooked well as undercooked seafood can cause problems.
  • Have sex: Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is alright if you don’t have any complicating factors. Having sex is safe till your water breaks.

The following are some of the don’ts during a high-risk pregnancy:

  • Babies of a smoking woman can have higher risks of having learning disabilities and low birth weight when compared to other mothers. Hence smoking should be avoided.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol as it can affect the baby’s development.
  • Avoid having raw meat. Eating raw meat and undercooked eggs can cause foodborne illness and can cause food poisoning. 
  • Avoid hot dogs, sausages, smoked salmon and other deli meats to avoid foodborne illness.
  • Avoid raw milk during pregnancy as the milk is not boiled to kill the bacteria in it. The bacteria can make you sick.
  • Avoid intake of caffeine products as it can harm the baby’s heart.
  • Do not stress yourself as it can further increase your problem.
  • Stay away from hot tubs, saunas, etc. as they might cause a miscarriage.

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