For a decision as important as which an Infertility Center or Doctor to use, it is impossible for someone else to say what is the best for you. It is a decision that must be based on multiple factors, some more tangible than other.

You have to weigh success rates against practicality against a gut reaction to a Fertility (IVF) Center and its staff to ultimately find the doctor that is the right combination for you. The right doctor for you will not necessarily be the right doctor for someone else, and only you can decide who is right for you.

Obstetrician-Gynecologist can Treat Infertility, But if you have been trying for a year (under 35), six months (35-40), or three to four months (over 40), at the very least you should get a second opinion from a board certified reproductive endocrinologist.

How To Find an Infertility Clinic or Doctor

Ask your Friends for recommendations for a Reproductive Endocrinologist or Best Infertility Doctor.

You can use Google by simply Searching Best Fertility Centers Near Me or in Hyderabad (your particular Location)

Hallmarks of a Good Infertility Doctor

While it is impossible to say which Fertility Doctor is Best for you, it is possible to list the hallmarks of a good infertility Center or Doctor. A good fertility center will have the patient’s best interest in mind, help them decide which procedure is best for them, and work with them to find a treatment plan that best fits their needs and options.

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always the outcome of fertility treatment and increasingly invasive treatment can be harmful to a patient’s physical well-being, so you want a doctor who is mindful of the ethical concerns about Infertility Treatment.

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