If you are undergoing IVF, you might be very anxious about the outcome after embryo transfer. Embryo transfer is the key step of the IVF process. You may have several questions in mind about dos and don’ts before and after embryo transfer to increase your chances of success. Embryo transfer is the last step of IVF and you should be prepared for this day to increase your success results.

How to Prepare for Embryo Transfer?

There are several measures and things you can follow to prepare well for the embryo transfer. The following are some of them:

  • Use the prescribed medications: You will be given progesterone and other supplement medications before embryo transfer. You should ensure to have enough of them.
  • Plan ahead for getting to the clinic on time: It is important to plan for the day of your embryo transfer to ensure there will not be any hurdles. Check weather and traffic reports ahead to reach the clinic at your scheduled time to avoid stress and anxiety.
  • Eat well: When you are undergoing IVF, you should have healthy food that includes anti-oxidants, whole grains, etc.
  • Follow healthy habits: Follow healthy habits such as reducing caffeine intake, getting enough quality sleep, managing stress, regular exercise, etc.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: You should maintain a healthy weight as low or heavyweight can have an impact on endometrial receptivity.

What Can I Do After Embryo Transfer to Increase Success Results?

Once the embryo has been transferred, you need to wait for 14 days to know the success and this period can be difficult to handle. The success rate of IVF has a connection with the precautions you can take after embryo transfer. The following are some of the recommendations you can do after embryo transfer:

  • Meditation: Meditation can help you calm down and can help make a connection with the baby growing inside you. With meditation, you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Take rest: It is essential to stay relaxed and take rest after your embryo transfer. You should try to keep your body relaxed and should keep your stress levels low. Take care of yourself and take an off from your daily work if you feel stressed.
  • Use supporting medications: Continue using your supporting medications as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Eat healthy: Following a healthy diet is crucial throughout your IVF cycle. A balanced diet can have a positive impact on your pregnancy. You should include fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, etc. in your diet. You should also avoid excess sugar, caffeine, and processed foods.
  • Be positive: Staying positive is also vital for IVF success. You should surround yourself with people who support you and should stay happy.
  • Increase blood flow to the uterus: It is important to have blood flow to the uterus to promote implantation. You should wear warm clothing, drink warm beverages, etc. to keep your uterus warm. However, you should not overheat your body. Taking short walks, yoga, light exercises, etc. can help increase blood flow to the uterus.
  • Avoid hot baths: Though it is important to keep your uterus warm, you should avoid hot baths and saunas as they can overheat your body.
  • Acupressure: Acupressure can help embryos stick and grow. This can eventually result in pregnancy.

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