Parenthood is such a great feeling and every people would love to have a baby. But, some of the couples are unable to become parents due to infertility or several other underlying conditions. The couple who fail to conceive naturally started choosing alternate methods to become parents.

With the advancement in technology, becoming parents has become easy by using In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. 

In the IVF process, eggs are collected from the female and are combined with male sperms in a laboratory. When eggs and sperms fusion and develop into an embryo, it is placed inside the woman’s womb using through her cervix. From here, pregnancy will be carried as a normal process.

Are IVF Babies Different from Normal Babies?

IVF is an Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART), but it is not an artificial reproductive technique. There are several myths that IVF babies or test tube babies are not as normal children as they are born by the expertise of a doctor. Many people also believe that the IVF baby is not produced by the natural process that is sexual intercourse between a couple. As surgical mechanisms and technical expertise are employed in IVF, people believe that IVF babies are different and they are not as normal kids who have been born naturally.

But, the truth is IVF babies are as normal other kids who were born by sexual intercourse. IVF kids are also born naturally similar to other children. IVF children are the same as normal kids in terms of physical health and mental capacity. It is even difficult to differentiate between an IVF child and a normal child until it is told.

The only difference between IVF and normal pregnancy is that the sperms and eggs are fertilized in a laboratory under the observation of a specialized doctor. The fusion of sperms takes place in the lab instead of the fallopian tube. IVF is opted by a couple if the male partner is unable to produce high quality sperms or if the female partner is not producing healthy eggs, or due to a blockage in the fallopian tube. The sexual intercourse between this couple will not produce embryos and hence woman cannot become pregnant. The fusion of sperms and eggs in the lab is an alternative to natural sexual intercourse.

May children have taken birth using IVF and they are healthy as normal children. The final word is IVF babies are as normal as normal children.

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